Common Questions

Below are some answers to common questions we get asked about our truck tarping systems, skip bins and bunker covers.

I want To Avoid The Hassle of Manual Tarping. What Do You recommend?

All of our tarping solutions (other than pull tarps) have the option of purchasing a fully automatic electric system. These systems are fitted with either a 12 or 24 volt motor and operated from control switches installed in the cab. This means that you do not have to get out of the cab to operate the tarp. Increasingly work sites are requiring drivers not to get out of the cab when loading/unloading so having an electric system will almost be mandatory if your company wants contracts on big projects.

I need to get the tarp out of the way when loading. is this possible?

If there is enough room between the truck body and the cab we can forward mount the tarps hardware allowing greater access to the front of the body when open.

I heap my loads. Does your system support this?

You can choose to have bow heights from 200mm right up to 700mm. Our mesh tarp system is ideal for hauling light yet bulky materials like wood chips and trash.

How Do We Keep Our Driver's Out of Harm's Way Tarping Our Trucks?

All of our systems have been designed with OH&S regulations in mind. Our manual tarping systems are operated from the ground through a winch handle normally fitted to the bin behind the driver's side of the cab. Our system has a one point adjustment for cable tension at the winch at ground level, meaning no climbing onto the truck to adjust the cable. For quarries and other work sites that do not allow driver's out of the vehicle, the electric system is operated from the cab via a switch.

How Easily Can i Get Spare Parts?

Parts are stocked at our various warehouses across the country and can normally be shipped the same day.

How Much Space Does the System Take Up On the Bin When Opened?

A PVC system will take up approximately 6.5cm for every metre of tarp. So if the tarp is 6 metres long it will take up approximately 40cm when open. Mesh tarps will take up slightly less.

I don't want any bows in my tarp. Do you have a system like this?

For proper support and life expectancy, a truck tarps need a bow system; anyone who tells you something different is trying to sell you a throw over tarp. Throw over tarps do not satisfy OH&S regulations and are potentially dangerous to driver's attempting to tarp a truck at height.

Does the tarp colour fade?

All fabrics will begin to fade over time. Everlast Tarps has the highest quality PVC and mesh products available on the market to ensure the tarp does not fade prematurely.